Saturday, August 18, 2012

Handicapped, disability got you down? You need to know this!!!

Never feel lesser than someone else

with a PHYSICAL handicap or disability.

not your body!!!!!

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Trying but Can't SLEEP? Here's a wonderful article with tips to sleep without medication

Wonderful article on managing sleep without medication!

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Saturday, July 28, 2012



Body Regeneration Schedule

Medical Doctors have observed, and published, how long it takes a healthy body to "Regenerate" or "Grow" - NEW Cells, Organs, Skin, Hair, etc.

The 2-Step Regeneration Process - Intestinal Tract

1. Eliminate Old Cell Matter
Old matter is transported, via the bloodstream, to the intestines for elimination with food waste.

2. Create/Grow/Regenerate New Cell Matter
New matter is created from nutrients (vitamins, minerals, protein) in food in the intestinal tract
that are absorbed through the intestinal wall - into the bloodstream - where they are distributed
thoughout the body, and used as needed, according to the body regeneration schedule.

Men and Women - Same Body Regeneration Schedule - *Programmed* in Our DNA

Men and Women have the Same Regeneration Schedule
Schedule - Published by Medical Doctors and Researchers
120 Days - NEW Red Blood Cells
90 Days - NEW Skeleton
60 Days - NEW Brain Cells, Tissue
49 Days - NEW Bladder
45 Days - NEW Liver - NEW DNA Cell Material
30 Days - NEW Hair - NEW Skin
5 Days - NEW Stomach Lining

5 Days - New Stomach Lining

1993 - Dr. Deepak Chopra, M.D. published in his book, "Ageless Body - Timeless Mind" that the body can grow or regenerate a new stomach lining, every 5 days.

30 Days - New Skin

1993 - Dr. Deepak Chopra, M.D., published in his book, "Ageless Body - Timeless Mind" that the body can grow or regenerate new skin, every 30 days.

30 Days - New Hair (1/2 Inch a Month)

"There are some very rare exceptions, but most hair on most people is - Genetically Programmed - to Grow a Maximum of 6 Inches a Year (1/2 Inch a Month)."

45 Days - New Liver

1993 - Dr. Deepak Chopra, M.D., published in his book, "Ageless Body - Timeless Mind" that the body can grow or regenerate a new liver every 45 days.

Liver - Living Donor Transplant
Recipient 50% of Liver - Donor 50% of Liver - "Grows" - to Full Size in 6 to 8 Weeks

University of Maryland Medical Center

David Rice: "The surgery took 13 hours, and they took - 51 percent - of my son's liver. It was a very successful operation. My doctors were using words to describe it like 'textbook'. They said everything went absolutely smoothly.
It takes about - six weeks (42 Days) for the liver to - grow - back to its normal size. The operation took place on July 23rd [2002] and my son was able to go back to Japan around Labor Day, after he was cleared through the Bethesda Naval Hospital."
Tim Thompson: "When I found out that my boss would not survive for more than six months without a liver, I decided to get tested to become a donor. You have to be about the - same size as the recipient - and have the same blood type.

They showed me pictures of the procedure and gave me lots of information on it. I knew that the procedure would involve them - taking a portion of my liver - about half of it (50%) - to transplant into my boss. In about - six to eight weeks - my liver would - grow - back to its original size.""

45 Days - New DNA Matter

2008 - October - Dr. Chopra, M.D., was featured in a PBS (Public Broadcasting Stations) program reviewing his latest book, "The Third Jesus" with Reverend Wendy Craig-Purcell, Unity Minister.
During the program, Dr. Chopra said DNA Matter is Regenerated in 45 Days.

49 Days - New Bladder

2006- April - Dr. Anthony Atala, M.D. - Bladder *Grown* in a Laboratory
Dr. Atala is the Director of the "Institute for Regenerative Medicine" at Wake Forest University Medical Center in North Carolina, USA, announced the Successful "Growing" of a New Bladder in their Laboratory.
"...Regenerative Medicine, an innovative Scientific Field that focuses on New Approaches to Repairing and Replacing Cells, Tissues and Organs..."

Growing A NEW Bladder - In The Laboratory

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EMOTIONS are the feelings and difference between living life to the fullest or NOT!

Emotions are the feelings and difference between:
Unrequited depression or Finding joy and inner peace within every day

Empty Loneliness or Soul expanding adventures

Dealing with something or viewing everything as wonderful learning opportunities!

Being on guard with every individual or open connections with all people

Friends and Lovers

A kiss and Passion

Shielding from life or Experiencing all there is

Emotions are:
the foundational glue of living in the present and being real

the Truth of being alive to experience the good, bad and ugly of the life process

the building blocks and indestructible bonds that forever relationships are made of

May you choose to be emotional, intense and passionate about all you experience of every minute of every day in life

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

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